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"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence. " .... Ansel Adams
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Up and Coming - 2010

I hope you will follow me....through this next 'chapter' in my I excitedly, happily, and creatively explore the discoveries on a long awaited 'dream path' of photography and writing.

I've played with photography for most of my post teen years with my beginning learnings from my older brother as he created his own blackroom within the confines of our double-wide trailer. As my life led me down other pathways away from home...into adulthood and motherhood...I played with film on and off as I experienced marriage, motherhood, employment and all of those other 'grown up responsibilities'. There were times when photography was once again only a distant dream....a hobby at the my all too little sparetime.

I picked it up again a few years ago...when digital allowed me to enjoy it a bit more cost efficiently (or I should say it allowed me to learn it a bit more). A year and half ago...I bought my first 'serious' camera....wanting to not delay one of my dreams any longer. This I thank my daughter for.

I've been blessed with many people in my life over the past few years that have inspired me, that have urged me on and encouraged my photography growth. I thank them as often as possible.

I've shared a lot of this photography growth through my flickr account and a couple other blogs I have created over the past few years. The past few months...I have spent more of my very rare sparetime. starting. my. very. own. photography business. As little as it is right now. It is filled with high hopes. I know it will take work. Lots of good marketing. I'm blessed with great friends. That are great at advertising for me.

My...specialty....what I enjoy the the creativity and beauty and breathtaking moments I experience with the nature and wildlife photography that I discover as often as I possibly can. I realize...I still have the dream to travel and photograph and write. Realistically I know that somehow I need to be able to pay bills, keep a roof over my head and eat and therefore, I have ventured into the portrait photography which has nurtured another creative thread of my mind and heart and soul.

I love candid photography. I love cildren and their innocence. I love special events and family get togethers and the personalities it brings out in each and every one. I love being able to provide 'memories; a keepsake; tell a story' that they will be able to share for years and generations to come.

So....walk with me. Let me introduce you to the thousands of awesome people that I will meet. Let me share with you the endless beauties of the world that may exist for only a moment...that moment in which the shutter snaps...that moment just before that person, that view, that sunrise or sunset....changes...if even ever so it takes the 'next step down it's own personal pathway'.