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"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence. " .... Ansel Adams
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Monday, February 28, 2011


Poster edges has to be one of my favorite textures right now. I love the 'mood' it sets in some of my photos.

In addition to poster edges on this old barn and fence, of course, I put the background in black and white and kept the red fence. Kind of wish I had just bit more shallow depth of field.

Can you guess what texture I used for this one? No...nothing in PS/PSE.
This texture is just the natural effect of the snow fall and a bit blurriness to the photo. Every once in a while...blurriness is a good thing.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow Day

For once this winter, it actually snowed on a day when I could actually enjoy it. I was alone yesterday and able to get out and about on a 'snow day' adventure. one point in time...I wouldn't even have thought twice about doing. It was 15 degrees. At the beginning of the trip...snowing ever so lightly. I headed for the beach. ( say.) Cold...slippery...yet worth every mile.

Pigeons on a line. This picture actually captures only half of them.

The falling snow gave everything a wonderful winter wonderland, snow globe effect.

I have driven by this silo many times during summer when it is covered with vines. I've always wanted to stop and get pictures but it is a country road and I always seem to either not be driving or someone is behind me. This wintery day with people staying in allowed me to capture it in a different 'mood'.
I can't wait for summer to get it 'all dressed up'....and next winter (although not in a hurry for that right now) I'll definitely do a couple more snow day adventures.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I went to KC for a sort of working weekend with my sis. Sunday she wanted to take me to see the sites. Their snow had melted. She knew she couldn't go down this one road but even at the top, the ground was so slippery, the truck wouldn't back up. In an attempt to somehow turn around, we backed up, went forward, backed up, went forward...until we realized we were going forward, thus down the hill, more than we were going back up. In the end, we had to call someone to rescue us.

It wasn't all a loss though. We were stuck on some hunting property. 98 acreas of wonderful Kansas/Missouri golden fields and woods.

Not sure if she had fun....but I sure made the best of it. Some pics here with more to come later.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Words of a Friend

She's wise. My friend.
My life has had it's ups and downs.
I've made decisions that still, today, I regret. I try not to. Think about them. I know they can't be changed.
She helps me to realize that.
She is strong. I don't know how she does it some days as she has her share of ups and downs also. Life. Roller coasters.
Her thoughts always encourage me. Her words, make me smile.
Her love and support...never ending.
I was...I air force brat...all grown up. I moved every couple of a years when I was just a silly thing. It was difficult to depend on anything. Difficult to make friends. A thought of 'best friends' always in the distant. Always cautious. Never wanting to get too close to something, someone. Teen years...rougher than they should have been. Scars of life that even today, still haunt me. Even today, I don't make the best of friends. I know...I'm not always dependable as a friend. I hate that. I want to be. I do. Want to be. And yet....
She picks me up. She wipes me off with her 'friendly' words. I envy her strength. I long for her faith.
I love you, my dear friend.

Friday, February 11, 2011

US of A

I had a pleasure of getting up front and close to these wonders a few weeks ago. The awesomeness still awakens me daily. He watched I crept closer. Carrying my camera and very large lense attached to a tripod across an icy parking lot. Hoping. Hoping that he wouldn't fly off. He didn't. He posed. He smiled. He said...thank you. For helping my family survive.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Life's Signs

I found this 'sign' as I was doing my treasure hunt for my 'daily photo blog'. As I snapped the shot, read the words, and post processed the photo....I was a me...about...well, life. I'm thinking that's really why they post these on the street sides.

We go through life, day after day, taking them for granted and not even noticing them most days. Because, well because they are always there. They are like a habit. There. We see them. It's normal. The 'words' all become a blur. Not meaning a thing. day....the sign steps out in front of us and we go ' WOAHHHHH'. Okay.

Fork in the road.
Sharp curve....speed limit 25.

Caution. Swift Current.

Yes. Swift. Current.

And not necessarily 'strong'. Just swift. Going by fast. Quickly. Although...I guess current means 'strong' but for me that current is just 'aggravating' in a strong way...not strong in a 'good' way or I should say extremely wonderful way. It's going by fast. Its got a lot of whirlpools in it. They make me dizzy. All the decisions that need to be made that are swirling around me in the current. The flow of life.

Oh yes. I believe I have been in this river before. I landed....feet first on shore...where it was all good for a while. I believe, I'll find shore again. Soon.

Point of View

Weren't we all raised responsible? Walk a straight line? Go right...not left? Take the high road...not the low road? Kind of gets old after a while doesn't it.

That is what I love about my photography passion. It aids me in the direction of 'out of the box'. So many many hours of each day, I am required to go....straight. Walk upright. Be positive. Don't don't this or that but do that and this. When I'm photographing....that 'angel' sitting on my right shoulder...gets frustrated with me and I listen a bit more to that...not so angel on my left I try to break all the 'rules' of photography to see what I come up with.

Not that this one really breaks the rules of composition but I love to get a 'child's view'..or dog's view since I am normally out with my BFF Lexi....of the world so I...scoot down low, sometimes even laying flat out on the ground and shoot from there.

It makes me smile. (also makes me realize how old I am getting...or how low that ground is. lol)It opens up the world to new 'levels', if you know what I mean.

The above is actually looking up a hill, focusing on the hilly ground with the trees in the background not too blurred (so aperture wasn't wide open). Doesn't it just make you want to run up and see what is on the other side....before the woods?

The below picture, also taken from a kneeling down view. I was walking by this portion of the openess in the woods and saw this lonely cattail as it called to me to photograph it's winter moment. I was afraid it would get lost in it's background..and it did a bit. (..hhmmm maybe a bit of post processing to blur the background just a bit more.)

So remember....get out of 'the box' and experiment a bit. After all...isn't that what creative is? And what better way than with digital photography where all you need to know how to do is.....delete.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Black and White

We took advantage of the above 20 degree day and decided to go snowshoeing for a bit. I took my camera in the truck but hadn't planned on actually walking with it in this field of winter. As I finished tightening the snowshoes to my booted feet, something tugged at my intuition and at the last second, I grabbed my camera and secured it around my neck and inside my jacket to keep it from fogging up. Unfortunately, I didn't think to grab my monopod. It really would have helped crispen these up just a bit more. (somewhere inside my conscious keeps refusing to make regular use of the tripod/monopod.)

I have discovered with my growing photograhy passion, that I am attracted to the bareness of the trees during the winter. Particulary when offset in a field of snow. Surrounded by it's blanket which proves, year after year, to keep the tree roots warm. The bareness of their branches contrasting with the pure, undisturbed blanket of snow plus the shadows at their feet on a mostly overcast day caught my eye.
Supposed to be another beautiful weekend so I might just have to go back and try for just a bit more crispness, sharpness.
(taken with Nikon D90, Tamron 28 - 300 lense, f9, 640 speed with the brightness of the snow)

Monday, February 7, 2011

I've been in the Midwest almost 7 years now, having moved up from the deep Gulf humidity southern portion of the states after 30 plus years. I love the four seasons. I've said it many times. I'll say it many more. I love the spring bulbs...although after 4 years in this house, I have yet to add to the small sampling that already exists here. Summers....not so brutal...yet lots to do. Festivals. Fishing. Hiking. Canoeing. Birdwatching. Bicycling. Falls...My. Most. Favorite. The earth tone colors. On really great years...a plethora of colors to satisfy the senses. The smell of fallen leaves. The crunch. The scurrying of the critters as they prepare for winter that could just pop in faster than one wants. And...then....there is winter. Blankets of snow to cover the drab browns left behind. White, virgin snow that reflects the sun and even adds awesome lighting to the darkest of winter nights. Fresh blankets with...the pitter patter of feet prints from squirrels trying to remember where they hid that midnight snack to young children so excited as they head to the hills for sledding. Not to mention the parking areas filled with snowmobilers stopping at the local tavern for a refreshing sip of something.

But this winter. It has been long already. Long days of teen temperatures that slow the initiative for getting out and walking. Teen temperatures that keep you shut up inside. Teen temperatures that even keep it hard to warm up inside unless you are prepared to spend lots of extra green stuff for the energy bill. Winter. Couch potato. Four walls. All looking alike after a while. Creative juices...all clogged up. Bouncing off the walls of the inside of ones head; ones body...jittery. Watching the thermometer. The weather channel daily. Hoping. Hoping. For that one day when the temps will be a hot 32 degrees...or even 28...when boots and gloves and jackets will allow...a stroll. Outside. Fresh air. Sunshine.

Oh....dear spring...please send winter home til....2012.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Sunrise

Less than six hours ago, we were in the middle of a blizzard. A winter storm. 50 mph winds. Snow. Drifts 4 feet tall. Highways impassable. 18 wheelers stuck. Cars buried in snow over the hoods; up to the windows.
I looked out front to check out the road and the sun was rising over the chimney of the house across the street. I noticed the long, sparkling icycles. I this what it felt like after 'The Flood' when the Dove arrived? Was it this peaceful looking. This breathtaking.
It was like....the forgiving after the anger and arguing. After the 'words that fly'. The coldness. The whirlwind of emotions. The tears.
Then...the quiet. The exhaustion. Feeling of lifted weight. Hugs. Consoling. Peace. Smiles. Understanding. Happiness.
The cycle of life.