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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Point of View

Weren't we all raised responsible? Walk a straight line? Go right...not left? Take the high road...not the low road? Kind of gets old after a while doesn't it.

That is what I love about my photography passion. It aids me in the direction of 'out of the box'. So many many hours of each day, I am required to go....straight. Walk upright. Be positive. Don't don't this or that but do that and this. When I'm photographing....that 'angel' sitting on my right shoulder...gets frustrated with me and I listen a bit more to that...not so angel on my left I try to break all the 'rules' of photography to see what I come up with.

Not that this one really breaks the rules of composition but I love to get a 'child's view'..or dog's view since I am normally out with my BFF Lexi....of the world so I...scoot down low, sometimes even laying flat out on the ground and shoot from there.

It makes me smile. (also makes me realize how old I am getting...or how low that ground is. lol)It opens up the world to new 'levels', if you know what I mean.

The above is actually looking up a hill, focusing on the hilly ground with the trees in the background not too blurred (so aperture wasn't wide open). Doesn't it just make you want to run up and see what is on the other side....before the woods?

The below picture, also taken from a kneeling down view. I was walking by this portion of the openess in the woods and saw this lonely cattail as it called to me to photograph it's winter moment. I was afraid it would get lost in it's background..and it did a bit. (..hhmmm maybe a bit of post processing to blur the background just a bit more.)

So remember....get out of 'the box' and experiment a bit. After all...isn't that what creative is? And what better way than with digital photography where all you need to know how to do is.....delete.

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