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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Life's Signs

I found this 'sign' as I was doing my treasure hunt for my 'daily photo blog'. As I snapped the shot, read the words, and post processed the photo....I was a me...about...well, life. I'm thinking that's really why they post these on the street sides.

We go through life, day after day, taking them for granted and not even noticing them most days. Because, well because they are always there. They are like a habit. There. We see them. It's normal. The 'words' all become a blur. Not meaning a thing. day....the sign steps out in front of us and we go ' WOAHHHHH'. Okay.

Fork in the road.
Sharp curve....speed limit 25.

Caution. Swift Current.

Yes. Swift. Current.

And not necessarily 'strong'. Just swift. Going by fast. Quickly. Although...I guess current means 'strong' but for me that current is just 'aggravating' in a strong way...not strong in a 'good' way or I should say extremely wonderful way. It's going by fast. Its got a lot of whirlpools in it. They make me dizzy. All the decisions that need to be made that are swirling around me in the current. The flow of life.

Oh yes. I believe I have been in this river before. I landed....feet first on shore...where it was all good for a while. I believe, I'll find shore again. Soon.

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