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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Black and White

We took advantage of the above 20 degree day and decided to go snowshoeing for a bit. I took my camera in the truck but hadn't planned on actually walking with it in this field of winter. As I finished tightening the snowshoes to my booted feet, something tugged at my intuition and at the last second, I grabbed my camera and secured it around my neck and inside my jacket to keep it from fogging up. Unfortunately, I didn't think to grab my monopod. It really would have helped crispen these up just a bit more. (somewhere inside my conscious keeps refusing to make regular use of the tripod/monopod.)

I have discovered with my growing photograhy passion, that I am attracted to the bareness of the trees during the winter. Particulary when offset in a field of snow. Surrounded by it's blanket which proves, year after year, to keep the tree roots warm. The bareness of their branches contrasting with the pure, undisturbed blanket of snow plus the shadows at their feet on a mostly overcast day caught my eye.
Supposed to be another beautiful weekend so I might just have to go back and try for just a bit more crispness, sharpness.
(taken with Nikon D90, Tamron 28 - 300 lense, f9, 640 speed with the brightness of the snow)

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