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Monday, February 7, 2011

I've been in the Midwest almost 7 years now, having moved up from the deep Gulf humidity southern portion of the states after 30 plus years. I love the four seasons. I've said it many times. I'll say it many more. I love the spring bulbs...although after 4 years in this house, I have yet to add to the small sampling that already exists here. Summers....not so brutal...yet lots to do. Festivals. Fishing. Hiking. Canoeing. Birdwatching. Bicycling. Falls...My. Most. Favorite. The earth tone colors. On really great years...a plethora of colors to satisfy the senses. The smell of fallen leaves. The crunch. The scurrying of the critters as they prepare for winter that could just pop in faster than one wants. And...then....there is winter. Blankets of snow to cover the drab browns left behind. White, virgin snow that reflects the sun and even adds awesome lighting to the darkest of winter nights. Fresh blankets with...the pitter patter of feet prints from squirrels trying to remember where they hid that midnight snack to young children so excited as they head to the hills for sledding. Not to mention the parking areas filled with snowmobilers stopping at the local tavern for a refreshing sip of something.

But this winter. It has been long already. Long days of teen temperatures that slow the initiative for getting out and walking. Teen temperatures that keep you shut up inside. Teen temperatures that even keep it hard to warm up inside unless you are prepared to spend lots of extra green stuff for the energy bill. Winter. Couch potato. Four walls. All looking alike after a while. Creative juices...all clogged up. Bouncing off the walls of the inside of ones head; ones body...jittery. Watching the thermometer. The weather channel daily. Hoping. Hoping. For that one day when the temps will be a hot 32 degrees...or even 28...when boots and gloves and jackets will allow...a stroll. Outside. Fresh air. Sunshine.

Oh....dear spring...please send winter home til....2012.

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