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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Words of a Friend

She's wise. My friend.
My life has had it's ups and downs.
I've made decisions that still, today, I regret. I try not to. Think about them. I know they can't be changed.
She helps me to realize that.
She is strong. I don't know how she does it some days as she has her share of ups and downs also. Life. Roller coasters.
Her thoughts always encourage me. Her words, make me smile.
Her love and support...never ending.
I was...I air force brat...all grown up. I moved every couple of a years when I was just a silly thing. It was difficult to depend on anything. Difficult to make friends. A thought of 'best friends' always in the distant. Always cautious. Never wanting to get too close to something, someone. Teen years...rougher than they should have been. Scars of life that even today, still haunt me. Even today, I don't make the best of friends. I know...I'm not always dependable as a friend. I hate that. I want to be. I do. Want to be. And yet....
She picks me up. She wipes me off with her 'friendly' words. I envy her strength. I long for her faith.
I love you, my dear friend.


  1. this post is beautiful. I absolutely relate to your youth experience. I too was a military brat. Coming, going, arriving, leaving..... I managed to marry a man who's career is much like that of our fathers... I long to settle. I want to become so familar with my surroundings that I can smell them in pictures. It's more difficult, I find, as an adult doing all the coming and going. I have many thoughts that haunt me - being alone, without deep friendships - nobody coming to my wake... I love the phrase, "cherish WHO YOU ARE TODAY.." afterall, today really is the only day that matters. So, with that tid bit of information I will cherish all the goodness I've become, as a result of my life experience, and KNOW that one day someone will discover what an incredible friend I have learned to be.

  2. FYI...this friend of in Houston area. I lived there for many years. Was married. Had 3 absolutely awesome children who still reside there. I visit as often as possible...and she is ....always there for me. I hope someday she can say the same about me.