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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow Day

For once this winter, it actually snowed on a day when I could actually enjoy it. I was alone yesterday and able to get out and about on a 'snow day' adventure. one point in time...I wouldn't even have thought twice about doing. It was 15 degrees. At the beginning of the trip...snowing ever so lightly. I headed for the beach. ( say.) Cold...slippery...yet worth every mile.

Pigeons on a line. This picture actually captures only half of them.

The falling snow gave everything a wonderful winter wonderland, snow globe effect.

I have driven by this silo many times during summer when it is covered with vines. I've always wanted to stop and get pictures but it is a country road and I always seem to either not be driving or someone is behind me. This wintery day with people staying in allowed me to capture it in a different 'mood'.
I can't wait for summer to get it 'all dressed up'....and next winter (although not in a hurry for that right now) I'll definitely do a couple more snow day adventures.

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