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Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Little Bit of Sybil

The things I want to do.  The themes and challenges I want to tackle!!!  The list is getting longer. The challenge is ...inspirational and much needed.

I found this while browsing....The Third Thursday Challenge.  Merely...learn and share something new.  It works because I can use it along side of my 2B class from the ever inspirational Kim Klassen which I try to focus on Wednesday nights.

This week...I learned to install a new preset in LR4.  It took me a bit and I had to use a few extra steps than were originally defined...but it works.

I learned how to add a little bit of soft light to my photos...when I need to.  I do have some awesome windows in my old two story farmhouse also that spills awesome lighting to use in different rooms at different times of the day. Frustratingly..many times it is when I am at work..inside those four walls that I don't really care to be inside of...but I get to enjoy the 'light' on the weekends and even in the evening...when the winter blues aren't sharing my life.

I want to try to gradient to add light in a different shot to see how it works and compare it with the LR way that I was shown and see how different they are.  Maybe tomorrow night as tonight...I was a bit interrupted with a phone all and am running really late.

Meanwhile...the above shot was actually one of my first attempts to take the inside out and I wasn't pleased with it...for that.  I decided to use it with my 'Sybil' mood tonight (texture by Kim Klassen - SO THANK YOU!!!).  Sybil.  She brings a little bit of that 'crazy' out of me. feels good.

First I added the new preset (also compliments of Kim Klassen) in LR4 and then it to PSE to add not just one...but four layers of Sybil, blended first with soft light, two layers at Color Burn, with fourth layer at soft light again and brushed the soft light off of the flower itself.  I love the grainy texture it added to the vase. I also brushed the last of the soft light away from the heart in the background because I wanted it to be noticed....if only  a bit.

I'm really loving Beyond Beyond.  It's an awesome mix of camera basics, Photoshop and Lightroom...just all kind of mixed up in a happy bucket of inspiration.

Join us, won't you!!!

PS...this was taken on Valentine's Day, it was snowing, and I thought the little red vase was just perfect...oh..and yes...the daisy (my favorite) from the bouquet my sweetie left me. Smiling.  really smiling.


  1. Such a pretty photo. I just love the quote.

  2. So pretty...I am loving Sybil. What a sweet greeting and reminder of love. Pretty cool that you added 4 layers....and that the color burn adds that wonderful contrast.

  3. So glad to have you join in with the Third Thursday Challenge! Post-processing is a huge part of my own creative process so I completely understand that laundry list of "things-I-want-to-try". This image has a beautiful soft glow and the texture application does enhance the vase in a very pleasing way. And I love that you can see that blurred heart in the background - connecting it with the foreground flower. Lovely words that add another layer of emotion to your creation.

    I hope you will add the Third Thursday Challenge to your list and join up with us each month!

  4. I love that little pop of color from the vase and the softness of the rest of the image. So pleasing with the light.

  5. This is so lovely...and your quote is wonderful, too! Daisies are my favorite flower...and I agree, Beyond Beyond is such a great class! Thanks so much for sharing. :)