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Friday, January 10, 2014


Finally it is Friday.  It has been a long week since coming off of a few weeks that were only partial work weeks what with the holidays and all.  Someone should figure out how to spread those out at the beginning of the year.  We could always add a few in to the weeks that follow to give us that slowing back in process.

I couldn’t sleep last night.  It was nearly 1 am when I finally dozed off.  I hate those nights.  They always seem to fall on week nights.   Work nights when the next morning my alarm screams at me at 5 am.  I don’t remember one ever happening on a weekend night.

I have done quite well in the workout realm of things this week with my goals. I’ll go to the gym again tonight and thus will have completed three days at the gym and one workout here at home.  Winter weather in the extreme changed my schedule a bit.  In addition having to finally get my ears lowered a bit.  I finally found a hair dresser that knows what she is doing. It took me ten years of living here to do so. 

I have written every day even if it is not the most exciting stuff to read and I have probably lost a few of you knowing there are only a few of you already.  I know that is my goal for this weekend.  Finding my writing mojo.  My style. My subjects.  Something to interest you…someone…somewhere…somehow.

I have done some searching on the web which has only distracted me more than anything.   It doesn’t help that by the end of the day when I am attempting to be a conversationalist, I am mentally drained from my other ‘part time’ job.  You know…that one that goes from 8 am until 4:30 or 5.  I have to defeat it.  (She is not a very good conversationalist early in the morning either…I am sure you are all saying.)

I keep trying to write about me…my life…but realistically I can see how that would bore everyone because it kind of bores me also. Unfortunately it is not a total result of it being winter. It is just a result of, well…me letting it be.

This, too, must change.

We have heat wave coming our way this weekend. It might actually reach 40 degrees.  Woo hoo.  I will definitely be out and about somewhere.  The weather will still be a bit iffy with some freezing rain and rain and fog.  Sunday looks as if it will be  a day of ‘reckoning’.  Photo ops, here I come.  Now the feat is to be sure something doesn’t change that.

I feel my internal chakras really churning from lack of something.  It is as if someone has a hold of me and I am fighting to get loose.  Hopefully that hold is weak enough, or I am strong enough to pry the fingers loose. It truly is up to me to figure out how to speak up and say no when I should.  Discarding controlling people in my life has always been difficult and I have no clue why. I hate to disappoint people.  I feel selfish when I try to take care of my needs first.  I haven’t found the right people to compromise with?

So…one foot in front of the other…here I go to face the world again.

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