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"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence. " .... Ansel Adams
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Saturday, January 25, 2014


My Finding My Eye project talks about finding and identifying what inpires me with my photography passion.  I've gone through a lot of my 2012 photos, cleaning them out, selecting the ones that really 'touch' my emotion and have decided that it would be easier to note what doesn't inspire me.

The big picture...nature inspires me so much. What started my passion for photography?  Probably that which gets most mothers started...our children.  When my children were younger, we camped and hiked a lot.  I loved to take pictures of my children when they were 'discovering' the world.  That in addition to the memories I have of discovering the world at that age when I lived in the Northeast and roamed the forests of New Hampshire always kept nature close to my heart.

When I got more serious about photography and wanted to capture photos other than that of my children, I was and still am a big bird watcher so naturally my camera, in a way, became my binoculars..or replaced them to a certain extent.  Now when I hike, I have binoculars as well as one or two cameras with me.  Nature's attempt at keeping me in shape, I guess.

I captured birds and wildlife so much that there has been a point when I got 'bored' with it I guess.  That may have been due to a lack of scenery though.  Not getting out to new places to capture new birds and critters. They do still inspire me but I've had to add to my palette of subjects per se.  As one of my other large passions is gardening, of course, flowers became a familiar subject to me also.  Flowers in their natural surroundings.  Flowers in my gardens which consist primarily of coneflowers and sunflowers and daisy-like subjects.

My hunt for new subjects or just different locations to captures my feathered friends and floral buds took me to the woods discovering the trails close to my midwest home....and trails themselves trigger some mystical emotion in me that I'm not too sure how to describe.  Maybe it is the unknown that might be at the end or the surprise of beauty I find as I trek down the beaten path which leads to me further breathlessness of nature.

I can be inspired by color and textures and leading lines.  Maybe that is why trails fascinate me..because of the leading lines.  Fences. Railroad tracks..but not so much architecture itself unless it in itself is full of color and patterns.

In my quest to expand my horizon and perfect my landscape photos, I have fallen in love with the rustic buildings of old farms and historic or abandoned places, wondering what the story is behind it all. Focus on church steeples and windows and doors monopolize some of my photo shoot sessions.  The windows and doors fascinate me with emotion much in the same way that trails and roadways do.

Of course, there is my portrait passion for children and the elderly generation mostly because their expression and free nature make me laugh and smile as well as envy their 'free spirit'.

I don't know..what inspires me....or rather what doesn't. I have an overall inspiration and fascination to what the world has to offer in beauty and subject matter and it is through my lense that I am most observant of it all and most passionate about discovering the world.

I guess from here it is just a matter of defining my so called 'style'.

So take a seat and research, think, ponder and discover with me.

I would love to hear your comments on what you think my style is...what you like and don't like.  I will help me expand and grow and hopefully you in return will gain from it.

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