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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A New Chapter

It is February...and there is light somewhere around the corner...warmth awaits us weeks away. They say that because of the arctic vortexes that we've had this year, our spring and summer will be cooler. The extreme coldness of the lakes means it will take longer for them to warm up and thus the air around us will stay cooler....longer. Six more weeks of winter says Mr. Groundhog.

Six more weeks of....down time.  Six more weeks to get my schedule back in line with my fifty some goals for the year.  Six weeks to try to figure out how many of my lost photos are actually backed up on my back up drive (still hoping computer guru can get them back for me.  It's been twenty four hours and no word.  I know...they said two to three working days.

Some days, I wonder where my patience has gone.  Lost in the days gone by.

So many writing ideas.  So many photography project ideas..lingering...laying await in my brain, screaming to get out.  I've let my work out schedule tire me out and now I need to do some better planning and recreate my schedule so I can get my artists date back, so I can catch up with my inspirational I can give her some type of hopeful words to help her through the challenges she so strongly is handling right now.

Time to quit being pissed off at the world over lost photos. Time to recharge the batteries and capture even more inspirational shots, moments, views to share with the world of followers, regardless of how few.  I so want to follow more bloggers like I and comment and visit with them but constantly struggle with the time management in order to do so.

February...the month of and for some....loneliness.

February the month to capture the love of the world around us.

Time to appreciate what you have and quit stressing over what you don't have. move on....

Hug the ones you love...Love the ones you hug!!!

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