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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Garden Memoirs

It snowed today...about an inch in about an hour.  It must have flown in quickly from the southwest as only one side of my runner was covered.  The temperatures were actually above zero.  Thermometer on the way home read 30 degrees.  Woo Hoo.  Do you smell it?  Spring.  You know Mr. Groundhog did.  Even the deer that were tucked far back into the wooded side lines decided to come and see what all the fuss was about.

Although the sun didn't shine, it did peep out with a nicely colored horizon from my little kitchen window this morning. It always greets me as I watch the world of silence through my kitchen sink window, overlooking the park and not so distant boundary of the golf course in the morning while eating a yogurt or peanut butter covered English muffin. As I pace the floor a bit and move to another window, not six feet away, the dawn colored sky disappears until my trail meets back up with the view from that small window overlooking the kitchen sink.

The morning light projects shadows of the park trees across the blanket of white that yet has had no footprints stamped in it as it seems the neighborhood children only visit on the weekends. In the distant though, the  gray squirrels are treasure hunting for black walnuts and acorns that were buried away when the grass still had a hint of existence to it. The red squirrels pop out from their home of abandonment next door to romp up and down the trees, in and out of the pile of useless tires enjoying the warmer air and fragrance of melting snow and grasses that look taller what with the slow melt of the thinner layers of snowy blankets.

I shovel the small layer of snow from the drive and doorway, stopping periodically to entertain my golden with a few bouts of chasing the kong.  The  Autumn Joy sedum has spent flower pods freshly dusted with white.  My wrought iron snow man up to it's waist in snow seems to be happily enjoying the snow and warmer temperature. The remains of morning glory and Clematis vines still hang on the trellises also in anticipation of putting on their spring attire of green and purple.

I'm anxious for spring and yet anxiety grows with the anticipation and concern of trying to sell my home.  I need to dig my hands in dirt this year.  I need to create more flower power garden areas.That desire in turn brings more confusion on selling my current home where a nice plot awaits for fresh home grown tomatoes and peppers, knowing that I will need to recreate at a new location and  that excites know I will have an opportunity of trying something new and different.

Winter seclusion offers up way too much pondering time that should usefully be turned in to planning time. The frozen tundra is truly doing me in this year.  As a bundle of Autumn Joy and coneflowers and yellow daisies   buried under the warm blanket of winter, I patiently wait while impatiently anticipating the upcoming warmer temperatures which if even for a short while is just a few days away.

Hang in there little bundle of 'Joy'.  Hang in there.  Your time to shine will be here soon. For now...enjoy the down time as you shine in the moonlit night lights.

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