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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Beginnings

It seems I have had a post called that before.  I guess throughout life there are a lot of new beginnings.  New jobs, relationships, homes.  Each new day is a new beginning.  Each turn of the hour. Each turn of the calendar page.

Here I am at another cross road.  Another new beginning.  As you may know a few weeks ago my external hard drive crashed with over 20000 photos on it.  The drive was only six months old.  Yes. It just crapped out on me. Talk about falling to the bottom of all self esteem, hopelessness, lifeless and total frustrations and disappointment in myself.  Yet, I knew I had another back up of most everything and although I thought I had all except maybe a couple winter months of pictures backed up I was most disappointed in having lost the two weekends of winter shoots that I had just done.   I was able to capture some of them from cards that had not been erased yet and some from cards that had been reformatted.  Unfortunately those from my D600 for some reason couldn't be recovered.

I did a trip to the UP in October with a friend and unfortunately I had not backed those up, fortunately I had a couple cards from that that were not erased yet so I got some of the trip back but are missing some of the more 'fascinating' captures that I wanted.

As they say..'C'est la vie'.

Friends..photographers, writers...all of you creative people...BACK UP YOUR WORK NOW!!  It was a hard lesson learned and hopefully one I will never forget.  I am slowly trying to get my backed up files back in some organized manner and again have to go through them all and delete so many that I had just cleaned out when I moved them to that external drive that crashed on me. This has kept me from writing because I am anal about having a picture to post with it..although sometimes I know they don't seem maybe, to fit, but it is just me wanting to share both my stories and my photography in hopes that some day someone will say...  She inspires me!  But more so because it is what I enjoy doing.

Its' giving me a reason to rethink every thing...including what I keep and don't keep.  Like many things...I am a pack rat. A photographic hoarder of sorts. And I always have a difficult time trying to figure out what is the best way to stay organized.  I rethink things and redo them and in the end sometimes I think they are in even worst organized manner than when I started.  I can almost bet...I'll do the same thing again...and again.

In my attempt to be selfish...I always break down and give in to what everyone else wants.  It puts me behind in this creative world that I want so much to participate in. Unfortunately as much as I fight it..I believe it will always be hard for me to say no to some many.  I will say yes.  I will give in.  I will put my needs aside to take care of theirs...and I will walk away cussing at myself while feeling good inside also...or walk away feeling good and cussing at myself at the same time.

That's me.

And I'll procrastinate because...I'm just not in the mood. can be done tomorrow.  Or I feel guilty for whatever reason.  I can guarantee now though that I will have a back up to my back up plan and probably even one to that one.

My awesome photographer friend who always lifts me up with her words of wisdom merely said to me in my state of disaster of not knowing what pictures I had and had not lost...'Just think, now you can go out and have fun reshooting it all over again.'  Yes...I smile.  Yes....the cup is half full.  And maybe...just maybe...they will be even better. is time to move on and forget my losses only enough to allow me to move on but not too much to forget and do it all over again...not backup and lose.

As they say...suck it up and move it on.

Bury the past...and create the future.

There are forecasts of 30's for temps this weekend.  I guarantee I will be out having fun recapturing more of life to share with those that might be interested.

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