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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Post Processing

Truthfully....I'm ...well it just isn't an area I have excelled at. I haven't taken a lot of time to figure it out. to do whatever I can to get it right when I am standing behind the camera. I have a job that requires me to be behind a computer...10 hours too long each day...five days a week...and other than being able to satisfy my writing cravings...I don't want to spend a lot of processing on my photograhs. I like the creative part of actually taking the photo...getting it naturally...simply....candidly as often as possible.

Sometimes....sometimes...that 'serendipity' perspective shows up and surprises me....and I get that magical, mystic 'post processing' look that really natural as possible.
The above was taken recently during my personal weekly photographic subject of 'night, long exposure' shots as I attempt to 'expand my horizons' and creativity 'thru my looking glass'.
Someday...soon...I'll dive in deeper to the entire software version of post processing outside of the little tweaks I currently quickly as possible. My PS7...calls me quite often. I hear it. I acknowledge it...some day....I'll check out it's full potential.

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