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Friday, January 7, 2011

Mums the Word

There are those days when I've been out and about with her and I go home and remind myself once again that I hope I'm not 'like that' when I grow up, age. She lives only a couple miles away. I had so many years when she lived thousands of miles away and I didn't see her often enough, didn't talk to her half as much as I should have. Life. Now I work long hours...silly. Devotion. Stupidity. I get home exhausted with my physical self out and my mental self saying I'm exhausted and a nap would be great. All the while my subconscious smiles as it knows it will win the it nudges me...pushing me to go visit...knowing that there are these days...when she shows her 'free spirit'...and I quietly say to myself 'Oh, I so want to be that free spirit'.
Love you, mum.

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