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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lexi's Storyboard - Day 6

Our challenge this week was for snapshots of a day in our life.
I just couldn't find it in my creativity to make something interesting out of a day in my life. Not right now. Not today. Not yesterday. Not for the past few months.

Work has just overwhelmed it with 'not so niceties' that I'm sure would just anger and frustrate my viewers as much as it does me. But then...maybe I'm looking at this challenge the wrong way. (a late night thought just created a light bulb effect)...just a bit too late though.

For now..I thought I would share some of the excitement of Lexi's story. She's an awesome buddy of mine who makes me smile no matter how bad the day and makes happy days even happier. Oh how she knows how to make me laugh. It's never ending.

She gives me love, laughter, hope and happiness. So. Very. Simply.

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