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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 8 - Start to Finish

I have a home full of Tom Clark Gnomes. They each have their place somewhere in my home. Whether it be on a curio shelf, on bedroom nightstand, or a bathroom tucked amidst a green plant...they make me smile. Each with a name, a number and their own little coin or acorn. I have a 'red headed stepdaughter', of sorts, that thinks it is disturbing...but really it isn't as bad as it used to be. Some have been boxed up for a few years...for whatever reason. Many are retired. I stopped purchasing them when they started changing the color themes on them to something that just didn't seem to be quite so 'woodsy'. The ones that are boxed, I think about selling...but every time I go through the box, they capture my heart and woodsy wandering feeling...and I just can't do it quite yet.

This one sits in my bathroom surrounded by an ivy...with her rubber ducky...greeting me every morning.

This set up was pretty much 'on the spot' with the bright afternoon light coming through the window glass and diffused by the shower curtain. Vintage gradient in the diamond mode, grundgedup texture and slight framing. Maybe a bit too much?


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