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Saturday, March 10, 2012

SELF Portrait - 120310

I have decided that Saturdays will by my Saturday Self Sharing day.Whether that be a self portrait, a collection of self portraits or the best selection from those that I have done throughout the week or just something about me, my life, what makes me me, it will be what I share with you on Saturdays.

This first picture I captured at work my first day back this week after being off for a week with foot surgery. I get some wonderful morning light through my large office window and this was it reflecting off my face in the darkness of the little washroom area I have in my office. A bit blurry but I didn't have my tripod with me, hand held and overall other than the sunlight it was dark.

Again...just practicing with natural light of which I continue to realize you have to be quick to catch it just right. The sunsets quite rapidly when you don't want it to do.

Reflections are one of my favorite things. I stepped outside to entertain my BFFGR and turned around to see a reflection I thought I would play with.

I wanted something more without the camera in it but it was cold, I hadn't planned on being out long enough to do this and still not able to hobble around the best opted out of getting my tripod and this is what I have to share. A good representation of important things in my camera, reflections and mother nature reflected in the background.

I really do look forward to being able to do more with this project when I can hobble around a bit more rapidly.

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