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Thursday, March 1, 2012

SIMPLY Me - March 1 2012

I can't believe it is March, 2012...already.

I don't remember Christmas..well I remember it but it snuck up on seemed it did that to most this past holiday season. Then it was gone. Maybe because the weather has been so unholiday like.

I wanted to do a resolution list this year because I didn't last year...and the year slipped by, kind of unproductively. I have my mind. Need to 'put it in writing' so it can be measured. Goals. Objectives. Successes. (failures) Meanwhile, in my mind, I have them. Right now...I have a bit of time to deal with them, being off with some foot surgery stuff. I downloaded a bunch of ebooks over the holidays and now I'm diving in. Head a way.
Self Portrait project.
The one that loves to look at a camera from behind it.
Not in front of it.
It is a project. Portraiture project. To learn. To practice. Lighting. Technique. Poses. Post processing. (self confidence)

Not the best time to start...what with foot surgery keeping me from being able to be too mobile. It will throw another challenge in. Amidst the growth projects I am trying to do.

Thought about doing it separately from this blog so as not to scare anyone (smiling) but...guess I'm going to show...some strange wild side. Go for the gusto.

Will it be a 365 day one as the ebook...not sure yet. Only time will tell.

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