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"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence. " .... Ansel Adams
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 28 - Layers of Bravery

Our inspirational topic this week has to do with 'Being Brave'.

I've never considered myself a 'brave' one per se.  Never thought about it that way before I guess.  I've made some 'way out there' decisions.  Decisions that I've been very happy with.  Decisions that even today I wonder about and regret and don't consider bravery.  One of those many decisions that I have wondered about, I expressed my regret about not too long ago to a very important person in my life and she put me in my place and advised me that it was a step of bravery...not weakness...not selfishness.  So....

I got pregnant and married at 17.  A mother at 18. A move away from everything I knew. Seven years of marriage filled with physical, mental and yes..sexual abuse.
A single mother.
Married again giving birth to two more awesome children surviving another marriage of mental abuse and distrusting relationship.
Again, out on my own.
The millennium took my father in 2000, stepfather six months later in 2001 and a sister in 2003.
Another move. Another new place.
Through it all...working hard, buying my own houses, gardening, writing, photographing, crying, laughing, moving to new and different places...on my own.'
Children all 1300 miles away.

And now, possibly another 'brave move' to another distant unknown world , hopes of semi retirement, writing, photographing, gardening, relaxing and reading...and hopes that somehow ends will meet.


5 Photographic Dreams

Inspiring more with my photography in hopes of making everyone smile.
Display my photographs in a gallery show
Be published
Grow my portrait photography in hopes of being able to support my other photography.
Enjoy more Travel photography hopefully with resulting writings and photography published in a well known magazine


  1. Oh my... I can relate to some of your life-challenges, Trisha... Well-written journaling - thanks for having the courage to be open with us. Lovely photo, too :)

    Hugs from Alaska - kimB

  2. may your photography dreams come true. you have endured much and have come thru...stronger, yes braver.

  3. I am so impressed by you, your life, and your words. I can relate on so many levels. Thank you for sharing!