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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Travels Beyond

Ah, the travel bug.

My dad was in the air force.  We moved every two to three years.  Some would say that that might make one find a place to be rooted to and not go anywhere any more.  Maybe this influenced my desire...or tendencies to move every few years even now as an adult.  I believe it did give me that great desire to discover new places.  Is it the reason I tend to not stay in the same home place for extremely long periods of time? I don't know.  Maybe.  I think that also though is partly because I haven't found my 'I want to be here for the rest of my life' place yet.  I did realize not long ago that I gave up my dream home, per se, about ten years ago. Unfortunately, it wasn't in the dream spot with the dream companion.  I am, at the age of fifty plus, still searching for that.

The above is a Moose.  Yes.  Really and truly it is.  Accompany it with this

and you have Rocky and Bullwinkle. (Secretly I have  desire to merge these two pics together just for that bring back major childhood simplicity memories.)  Rocky and Bullwinkle.  Anyhow, I digressed I do believe.

This year I decided it was about time to start checking off some of my travel bucket list items.  Yellowstone was one of them and just seemed to be the first and easiest step to take because I told myself I could do it with or without a companion.  I'm glad I had company...and days I wish I had been alone only because my companion is not a photographer...but he is a wonderful say the least.  Although sometimes, he doesn't understand the need to stop and take pictures.  Go figure.

The trip was only a week long.  Way not long enough.  We crammed too much in that span of time but it was a great exploratory trip and I have kept mental notes as to where I would explore more next time.

When I look at these pictures from this trip which you can find here,  I long to be there again.  A photographer friend is going again in a couple of weeks in time for the fall rut and colors and I so wish I could ditch this nine to five responsibility and join him...but the bank seems to think I need to make a house payment monthly.  What the heck!!  Besides, my Lexi would definitely attempt to find a new home if I left her behind again.  (I will have to confront that next year...actually...later this year.)

I love road trips.  And I appreciate a great plane flight although I'm not sure I can always rate those up there as conveniences but that is another whole entire story in itself.

I've travelled to Europe several times.  France. Germany. Austria. Belgium. I've lived in seven states, travelled through many more to and from each and even lived in Okinawa for a couple of years.  I don't think I can say anything 'bad' about any of them.  They all have given me memories...good and bad and in between.  They have all made me 'who I am'.

I have so much more to see in what might be too short of a time to see it all, so a priority list is always a good thing.  This year I will take a road trip from Wisconsin to New Jersey at Thanksgiving in hopes that the weather will be in my favor and a plane trip to see my grandchildren at Christmas.  yahooooo! Next year, Wisconsin to California and back in 2 weeks...different routes I hope.  North Carolina for weddings and Ohio for receptions. And again...possibly a home move.

My bucket list:

Galapagos Islands
The New Mexico Balloon Festival
California up the coastland
The San Diego Zoo - YES
Africa and Australia
The West Coast states of Washington and Oregon
A fall trip to the north east of Massachusetts and Upstate New York
Canada and Iceland

That is the short list. I need to find a job that pays me while I am travelling from state to state.  And a line of hotels from here to there that will allow Lexi to join me. And a companion to humor me. (smiling)

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