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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Beyond Beyond - Point of View - Day 1

So excited to be back with the Beyonders in 2013 and so determined to try to keep up.  As I go through these exercises I realize how much practice I need at some things such as creating templates, making the pictures fit within them.  So determined to 'DO' it this year.  Learn.  Create. Expand. And..keep up, not get behind, not miss so much inspiration from the very inspirational Kim Klassen.

Our challenge this week was to set up a shot and photograph it without moving it, but instead move us, move our camera, allowing us to get different viewpoints.  Allowing us to see how different things can be if we just 'look at the world from a different angle'.   Truly a lesson to learn for every day life.  Falls within that 'if you don't like the way things are, look at them differently'.  (Just wish it were that easy for some things.)

My Tom Clark Gnomes are very dear to me.  I do have ONE very nice collection of them.  Some that are out every day.  Some seasonal that come out when it is time for them to visit.  Some...that are still packed up from the last move.  I've always had a thing for gnomes.  A fascination.  Since I was a child roaming the woods of New Hampshire.  Since I read the book 'The Gnomemobile".  What ever happened to that book?

I took more than ten pictures.  l believe I limited myself to thirty minutes as instructed.  I love shots where I can shoot 'through' things...framing them...thus the center left picture although I wish I had her face a little more in focus and the flowers a little less.

One of my most favorite captures are reflections...whether it be in windows, on a rainy road, in water...or through a mirror...thus the bottom picture.

It was a fun project.  Next time I think I would use my 28 - 300 with a macro so that I could get some better close up, detailed shots. day two.......

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