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Friday, January 18, 2013

Beyond the Layers of Tulips

Oh is winter.  Wintery blues slowly setting in.  This upcoming week will bring us highs in the single digits and lows in the...well...the real lows!!!

Stir crazy.
Stir crazy.
So. Stir. Crazy.

My 2013 you may know is 'DO'.  For January - DO organize.  Part of that organization is to clean out my emails. Part of those emails are catching up on my Beyond Layers challenges...before the 2013 portion begins.  (Can't wait as it will include some lightroom challenges also.)

Winter cold.  Keeping me inside.  Perfect opportunity to 'organize', catch up, clean out. Create. Refresh. Just need a kick start. Kim Klassen to the rescue.

Kim gave us a tulip picture for us to create with.  What a wonderful way to add some brightness to the winter dull drums and take the mind off of being cooped up inside.

A layer of tulips, a layer of KK Break Away, a layer of my 'barn texture', and yet another layer of KK Shes loving you, framed with the awesome rose color of the tulips.


Hopes.  Hopes of tulips popping through the slowly unfreezing ground. But first, single digit temperatures for highs, hopefully followed by snow falling temperatures to cover up the dull brown of winter and wet the creative palette with a snow shoe hike outside.

Stir crazy.
Creative thoughts..all cooped up.

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