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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Sum Up - January 13, 2013

 I put up Christmas this week...but I just couldn't be Mr Snowman back in the box.  I have several.  Many I collected when I lived in Texas...where snowmen don't grow.  My way of hanging on to some awesome childhood memories maybe.  This has always been one of my favorites...because there is a bluebird sitting on his shoulder. (I painted him myself!)

It's Winter here...of course,'s January.  The southside of my house overlooks a village park.  My property is lined with some very old, awesome trees.  This is the second year in a row that this little one has used it to bury in the snowbanks in hopes of staying warm and camoflouged from the hawks and owls that might frequent.  During the summer the tree is surrounded by hostas which I am not fond of but can't bear to remove because the little furry ones use it for cover during the summer months. This picture was taken Friday night.  Saturday morning the snow was gone as we had our couple of days of January warm weather (above freezing marks). I am sure it is just temporary.

There is an abandoned home next door to me, which is owned by some lady that insists on not living in it but pays the taxes every three years just to keep possession of it.  Why, you ask?  I was hoping you would be able to answer that. the barn like garage behind the house...on the north side of my house (not quite as pretty as the park on the other side).  This is what sixteen inches of snow will do to it.  Sad in a way.  See the garage door?  It was a wonderful place for photography.  (Secretly hoping I can salvage it somehow..despite boy toys guffaws at me. LOL)

Work was crappy this week. (Go figure)...and so I broke open this bottle on Friday night.

I did work from home on Saturday....gggrrrrrr.

...and looked forward to a viewing of another Packer win at some friends.

Green and Gold...Go.

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