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Saturday, January 12, 2013


My baby turns 23 today...about 1 PM today.  

Happy Birthday, Sam.

I am so proud of all my children.  I'm sure I've said it before...and will continue to say it many more times.  I am a lucky person that way.  My children are all awesome in their own personal way.

I can't say Sam was the best baby ever.  He joined the world teething and was sure to let us know with sleepless nights for what seemed like three years.  I have to say he has always been good at expressing his thoughts.  Like his mom, he likes to write.  He hasn't been trouble free but he is a survivor.  Still at that stage of discovering the world and what he wants to be, he seems to be in 'his' place right now...for now. 

He has an awesome love of music and like his mom, has been a Packer fan most of his life (if even just on the sidelines being a native born Texan).  

He's had his share of 'troubles' but he is strong.  He always seems to be surrounded by many friends and has no problem making them.  He loves to enjoy life and enjoys his video games and sports.

He is my more sensitive much as a macho little boy can be. 

He lived with his awesome big sis for a while and it truly amazed me how connected he became with her and her oldest daughter, my granddaughter, Ainsley.  He will be an awesome dad some day. I can't wait.

But twenty three.  He said to me the other day ' I'm getting old'.  Too funny.  You have a long way to go, sweetie.  A good life lays ahead for you...because you are strong and that is what you want.  You are a survivor and an awesome, awesome person.  Don't ever let anything make you believe otherwise.

I love you, sweetie. 
Happy Birthday, Sam.

 Sam, Zoey and Stephanie (his sweeties)

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