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Thursday, January 10, 2013

One Little Word 2013

I know!!! It is about time.

Happy New Year.  Happy Happy 2013!!  I just know it is going to soon as I get off my duff and DO IT !!!

Work has already put me in a rut.  The holidays were great. (More on that later.)  They rocked...except once again, I take a week off and come back to the person quitting...third one in a year.  This makes a restful holiday...over really fast.  As a result...I delayed the start of everything I had a passion to begin in 2013.  Well...enough is enough is enough. pep talk.  

This. Is. Step One.
Picking my 2013 little word.  It has taken me four weeks to figure it out.  In my mind, I've changed it umpteen times. Today...on my way home from I admired the awesome fog at 4 pm (created by the 45 degree weather in january as it hit the cold banks of snow).

DO.  DO.  DO.

Just do it.  Stop procrastinating.  Stop letting work block you. It's a new year.  It. Is. Going. TO ROCK.

I promise.

I've been lazy over the past year.  Maybe rightfully so what with a year of exhausting hours.  The summer was hot and dry and although I had a couple awesome road trips, I just didn't seem to have the energy.  I want the ole' me back.  The young energetic one.  I know it's just because I let myself go. I continuously felt like I needed to take time to rest.  Yet...I rested too much I think.  I let negative work spread to my home life.  I can't do that this year.  I have a couple more awesome trips scheduled this year and in between I must DO what I want and love.  Photography and writing.  I can not put my life on hold anymore.

  1. DO - Organize (so drastically needed)
  2. DO - Connect (with my family, friends and ME)
  3. DO- Discover (I so need some new challenges, new learning, new techniques)
  4. DO - Be Creative(in my photography, in my writing, and in every day life)
  5. DO -Learn, (new recipes, new techniques, new places)
  6. DO - Focus (on my blog and photography)
  7. DO - Volunteer (somewhere)
  8. DO - Artists Date more regularly
  9. DO - Travel (to new places)
  10. DO - Read (more)
  11. DO - Workout (back on a regular schedule)
  12. DO - Improve (my work situation, my home situation) I DO what I want and need to do.

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Do you have a word for 2013 that you want to live by?  I'd love to hear about it.  I'd love to help you along.  Let me encourage you encourage and inspire me.

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