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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stands by Me

 She had no clue what was about to happen. (smiling)  She was just patiently waiting for me to stop putting together this funky green tree in her living space.  Encroaching on her toy box space which now had to be moved to allow room for this green tree which really should be outside for the birds and the squirrels. has decided to do this once a year ritual without stopping first to throw her kong for her.  So patiently....she laid, hoping, waiting, actually minding her own business when.....
 Woah!!!  wait!!!  what the heck is happening here.  Aren't those supposed to go on the green tree.  Do I look like a tree?  Hey....DO I LOOK LIKE A TREE????  Stay?  You want me to stay?  What?  Biscuit? Biscuit?...Say it one more time....biscuit.  Oh...okay...if you say so.  I'll stay.  Smile?  well  now that is another thing and definitely not part of the deal. you want me to sit up?  Wait...what happened to my biscuit from the 'last trick' I did?

She is my best friend.  Day in and day out...she stands by my side.  She greets me and meets me at the end of each and every day...with energy and excitement, balls of fur and wagging tail...and finally she even knows what 'give me kisses mean'.  (Smiling...again).  She accepts me for who I am.  She stands by me.  No matter what.  Would she protect me if she had?  I have no clue. Hope I never have to find out.  But she protects me...from myself...each and every day.  She keeps my soul alive.  She gives me a reason  to come home every day.  She makes me doubt about it.

And yes....she got a biscuit when I was done posing her.

(A tripod would have made these just a bit clearer.  I had the room lights off and just the tree lights lit her up except the top portion of her head.  A little shadow slider in LR.  The last pose I added just a touch of flash at the lowest compensation my D7000 allowed.  I much prefer little to no flash at all. Wait til you see what I have in store for a holiday card.)

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