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Monday, February 4, 2013

2B - Day 2

Kim Klassen brings us another inspirational year with an exciting expansion to include some Lightroom  tips and tricks.  So excited and looking forward to learning more.

I used a photo I took last week at a restaurant with my 50mm that I took just by setting my camera on the table, using a large aperture, not looking through the view finder and snapping.  The cup came in clearly for the most part with the table cloth and napkins being out of focus, also resulting with some bokeh (one of my favorite things) in the background as reflected off a fire that was keeping us warm and cozy.

I used KK texture Minus 43 and I really am going to love using this one more often.  The font is Sweetly Broken.  One of my favorites...just wish I could make it bolder.

Life is 'an enchanted cup'...and believe sparkles...through the good and bad.  Enjoy..every sparkle it sends your way.  Enjoy.

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