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Friday, February 8, 2013

Thank you Kim

Dear Kim, I do have a frequently asked question that I ask myself every day and that is 'How do I keep up with the awesome inspiration that Kim Klassen provides us on a daily/weekly basis through all the life stuff/creativity that she shares?'  I am addicted.  It is awesome and so heart warming to hear things can't keep up with your emails...which I just couldn't imagine that you would be able to...because I myself, simple little me, can't keep up with the few I get everyday.  Well, it doesn't seem like a few but in reality it is and I know they are no where as close to the awesomeness you receive in your email every day.  I be you.  To not be stuck in a four wall office everyday, pushing papers, entering data, filing, dealing with the micro managing of...that other person.  To be able to take two walks a day with my 'model', Lexi, my Golden Retriever. (Ben is gorgeous. I love your posts with him and with that picture....I would love to nuzzle his neck also!!!  lol)  

I get to your posts... a day late and a dollar short...knowing that now I post as you have moved on to the next...and my little words probably aren't heard.  (As I repeat what I have been trying to grasp a hold of right now and that is....'this is my life and I love it'. Yes...does that sound convincing?)  So...I've heard it many times and now will put reminders on all my 'I' pieces of equipment to check in with Kim K on a daily basis to see what inspiration she has and chat with her (in answer to her posts).....for twenty one days in a that is supposed to help make it a habit.  It will be the first thing I do every evening when I sit down in front of this computer.

Your posts, each and every one, no matter how extensive or how simple....are life inspiring to say the least.  Yes, mentoring.  What a wonderful idea.  How about a hands the field class.  I for one would fly to your part of the world to have a few days of face to face inspiration with you as I am sure many would.  Your own 'Camp Kim'.  Or maybe you could have a Camp Kim in each state...thus not only allowing maybe smaller groups to attend but also to give us each a chance to meet who else might be in our area that we can meet up with and share our womanly life with through socializing.

I'm single.  Living in Wisconsin for nine years now....moved from and humid Texas to   four seasons of the midwest.  I work way too many hours at a dead end job....dreaming each and every day of getting out of it...going back to work at a garden center....hoping and dreaming of getting my photography up and running to be like....Kim Klassen some day...before I die.  To be recognized.  To have others around me that have that this same passion that I can chat with, take day trips with, share life with...on a much more regular basis.  (Solidtude of four walls is quite unbearable!! many days.)

I love to go out and shoot.  Just shoot what tugs at my heart.  I love to go to events and photograph what I find.  I hate doing it by myself.  I'm much more comfortable with it if I have others with me and can do it as a group...because then I don't feel like I am 'invading someone's privacy?'.  Because...they help me be brave?  Because then we inspire each other and it is so awesome to be surrounded by others that have a love for the same creativity and can share with us and open up to us other things in life that we may not have noticed before.

Face it...women are awesome!!!  We need each other.  Each others inspiration.  Each others passions and inputs and 'it's okays'.

I guess what I am trying to say is...I love the way you share your life with us, your inspiration, your creativity. Your openness to a certain extent.  You make me feel 'normal' and make me realize that 'life is good'. I so need that now at this mid life point of mine. So.....

Simply put....thank you!!!


  1. hello Trish,
    this made me cry.... so sweet of you to say all this..... I don't really know what to say... but thank you...and I really truly hope you keep moving in the direction of your beautiful dreams.... don't ever give up.....

    please. :)

    lots of love...xo, Kim

  2. Thank you so much for the help on the code!!!