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Saturday, February 9, 2013

2B - Day 3

Another one of those 'serendipity' moments.  Probably not the best for what this Day 3 assignment had in mind...and not what I had initially intended on doing for this project...but it happened.  I came home after an awesome ride home in an awesomely gorgeous snowfall and just started snapping pictures in my yard.  This little snowman sits in my yard during this time of the year.  Normally...unnoticed for the most part.  Covered with snow caught my eye more than usual.  So I captured it's profile...far and near.  If I had thought that I would use it for this project, they might have been a bit more different...but I think I was thinking more of the fact that it was snowing...wet with limited time as I had an appointment to go to.

I downloaded onto my mac and well...I decided it would work for this.

The one in the top left hand corner has KK frosted texture added to it.  This is also one of my first uses of the lightroom templates...and it took me forever to figure out how to get it printed to just a jpeg file.  (duh!!!)  In a rush and decided to be like a 'guy' and not find the directions that I know are at my fingertips as I skipped over that chapter of KK Roundtrip and definitely need to go back through it all again.

So today....this I wait for the day to warm a bit more before taking a long overdue walk...I must say I am proud of myself...for discovering something new. For learning something.  For accomplishments.

For KK inspiration.


  1. Ah....just wonderful. A great collage, and lovely images.

  2. Great collage and great images of your snowy snowman :) I live in a snowy climate too and know that as lovely as snowfall is, it can be hazardous to drive in, so be careful when you're out and about! Great take on the challenge :)

  3. Thank you so much for your comments.

  4. Beautiful! Oh that snow is so lovely. This makes a wonderful collage.