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Sunday, February 10, 2013

SumUp Sunday 02/10/13

To My Granddaughters...and future grandchildren,

In hopes of...across the miles...we can stay connected and you can grow up...knowing me....because I love you...and miss you so much...... my best friend, Lexi.  You've seen know...on Skype...sleeping next to me on the couch while I chat with you.  Her most favorite thing in the world...outside of biscuits, eating, and chasing her snow.  She was born in January..therefore, she is truly my snow baby.

She is an old soul...just the right energy level for me and she loves to walk in the woods...just like me...your grandma. week started with me going to find this red barn that I discovered some time ago and I so wanted to capture it with snow around it.
Needless to had some...but not as much as I hoped for. It was cold out....bbrrrrr...and I just couldn't be out there in the below freezing temps but I drove my car around...parking on the side of the round in all kinds of directions (thankfully on a side road not much travelled) to capture it in many ways.  This one I liked...because of the texture in the road.  Another...I sent to your  Great Uncle Philip to see if he could paint it. He does some kind of painting on the computer.  Kind of cool. I'll share more versions with you next week on my website.

I stated there wasn't as much snow as I wanted and if only I had waited a few days.  On Thursday we were blessed with an absolutely awesome snowfall...the wet kind...that sticks to the trees. The below though is when it just started...lightly falling.  This lady was walking by my huge picture window at work...across the street from me and, of course, the colorful umbrella caught my eye.  I was trying to capture a shot like what I have seen your cousin Chelle post on her Facebook.  This is no where as impressive as those that she posts from Korea but was the umbrella I liked.  (At my age...for some reason..I am so attracted by bright colors.)

 So the snow fell..quickly in the afternoon and I came home to this.... (my back yard and my driveway)

 The next morning at work, the parking lot..reflected the morning sunrise on the snowladen branches....

So...I thought...when I leave work I want to find a place I can go to capture the beauty the Dear Lord blessed us with so I headed out to one of my favorite places, with Lexi in the Horicon Marsh where I go on a regular basis to find what wildlife...bird life mostly...that I can sit and watch and enjoy. This relaxes me and makes me tremendously happy.  Needless to bird life was found and the gates to the road tour area was closed (very disappointed) but we found just the perfect time of the evening...

These are the things your grandma loves.

Birds.... they are a big part of my life.  I think maybe I was one sometime in the past.  I just seem to 'connect' with them somehow.  Owls are my favorite and yet it is so difficult for me to enjoy them in the wild. Next...aside from song birds such as the blue jay (for reasons I can explain later...don't let me forget) are Pelicans.  White Pelicans in particular.  These birds I first discovered in Texas when I was out camping with your Aunt Lorry.  Lake Somerville.  We went for a bike ride down one of the  trails and came upon this water area, that I guarantee you....had hundreds and hundreds of White Pelicans gathered together.  It was so breathtaking.  I didn't have my camera with me.  I stopped and took a deep breathe and thought....I have to go back.  I have to get my camera.  I just have to.  Well...I learned something that day..and that is...enjoy it while you can..enjoy the moment that you have been given. Enjoy it then...when you are given it...because it will not last forever.  

I went back for my camera and returned to that spot to capture a picture of....nothing.  Not a single pelican remained.  Not even one.  Sometimes I wonder if it hadn't been a dream...but your Aunt Lorry promised me they were really there.  They really were.

So...I've discovered them again here in Wisconsin.  Horican Marsh is where I see them every summer.  I hope some day you can come see this amazing place with me.  I just know you would enjoy the variety of life you will find here.  They usually are not here in the winter but a photographer friend of mine discovered these over a month on the frozen tundra of a local lake...near a dam area that had open water so they could feed.  Finally this weekend I decided to go see if I could find them.

Guess what?  I did.  I found them.  I wish I had been there just a little later in the day because they were taking their siesta and were bedded down on the frozen lake..and although the sun wasn't shining...all the frozen white ice camoflauged them so they blended in quite well in my pictures.  I was lucky in that they did actually move around, ever so slightly, but enough to capture some nice photos.  This...made me happy.

And along with them...were these....

Lots and lots of ducks...mixed in with a few geese, a coot..some ice fishermen and the far distance. was warmer...and rained...and I sat inside and did my taxes and Dave's taxes and dreamt of spring and gardens and walks in the woods..and the near future when i would see you, your mom and your dad.

I love you, Dear Ainsley and Lucy. I love you.  Be good for your mom and dad.  Be good.

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