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Sunday, February 17, 2013

2BD4 _ Inside Out

It snowed last week on Valentine's Day and I attempted 2BD4 photo challenge trying to capture the snow and Valentine's the end...just being frustrated and not happy with the results. I cleaned house yesterday...and dusted the wine bottles off that were in the wine rack...the lightbulb lit!!!  Yeah!!!

#1 above is simply edited with KK_musicloving because of course with wine and daisies, you have to have romantic music!!

 #2 Above is edited with KK Painterly..about three layers of it in different blending modes, the first couple in multiply and the last in screen at 50% and removed from the shadows as that is what I like most on this shot....the shadows... and then framed.

#3 Below is textured with frosted...which has been my most favorite lately.  I tried every blend mode there was and ended up with the last being dissolved which I've never used before and really liked here.  I brushed it off of darkers areas of the labels, the shoe wine stopper, the wine in the glass and of course, the vase and daisy.
 #4  I loved the shot with the glare from the sun coming around the corner of the tree.  I used urban texture first, two layers, multiplied and finished it with..well I think it was KK..thelittlethings. (I really need to start writing these down as I do them.)

#5 I shot this one without looking through the viewfinder.  I just set the camera on my hand so as to keep it out of the snow and let it focus and shoot.  Thus, the slant, which I decided not to straighten and the view itself.  I added a preset of yesteryear in LR4 first and then took it to PSE and added textures and unfortunately could not remember which ones on this one. Actually...I believe it was KK Partings. I added in multiply, another layer in screen at less than 100% and another layer to darken the bottom a bit and brushed the darker off of the top. (I promise to try to be better about providing exact steps.)
 #6 This was actually the first that I edited and it has layers of frosted, partings and coffee, tea or me with textures removed from the bottles, etc. was 7 degrees outside.  It was a quick shoot resulting in fingers that I could not feel and salt traipsed into the house after having mopped the floors...but it is those simple little challenges that I love about creativity...especially when it involves my Nikon!!  Did I say...Yeah?

The toughest step was just trying to decide which view I like best and which edited version I should share so...enjoy them all and let me know which is your favorite.

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