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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Muses and Inspiration needed

Yes, I've been in a lul.  A Hole.  A dark alley.  Creativity all...gone. Squished.  Need major overhaul.

The year has been full of weddings, travel, and the downside of moods due to lack of home selling and a few financial the red...not the black unfortunately.  Job changes.  Relationship glitches.  It has all taken a toll on my blogging and photography creativity and I MUST GET BACK. I Must.  It is my survival.

Yes, it isn't like I haven't photographed.  I haven't blogged half as much as I should. I've lost track of my Beyond buddies and miss them greatly.  Maybe..maybe the oncoming winter will allow me to re-charge.  But that, hopefully, is still a few months away and I can't wait for

Off I go.

I signed in to Beyond in hopes of grasping a lesson..much behind on and I have found I can't just start with the most recent because it looks as if they have learned a few things I will need before I can participate much again back I will try to grasp what I need.

Meanwhile, I just popped in to one of the links and found this wonderful place .  This one I must follow and try to play along.

Time to pull myself back out to 'life'.
Time to grasp that dream again.

Walks. I. Love. Walks.

Just need to make them a bit more interesting and not just the same place every time and must take my camera on each and every one of them.

Going to the perfect place to start this weekend.

Now. I. Am. Syked!!!.

What do you do to keep interested?  What...or your muse?  How do you keep from falling in to that 'empty place' of being 'lost'?

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