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Monday, January 6, 2014

Gratitude - January 6 2014

Today with the dangerous temperatures in my little midwest town, I have some basic gratitudes:

Most importantly
- For the Dear Lord that hears me each and every time I say my travel safety prayer - 'Surround me by the white light of the Holy Spirit and keep me safe during my travels.  Keep all those around me safe and please keep the wildlife safe and off the roads.
- for the furnace that keeps my home and family warm.
- For My 4 runner that got me to work and back safely and warmly...for the most part.
- For my awesome new employer that allowed us to leave early today so we could get home before dark
- For my pup who keeps me on my toes, keeping me on track with all I need to do.

Thank you, Lord for all you provide for me and for all that you will provide me in the future. I can't wait for the wonderful things you have in store for me.

She patiently waits in the hallway as I prepare to go out into the world each hopes that she will be able to join me for the ride or walk.

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