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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter Adventures

Saturday morning.  It is the weekend.  I wake to the radio screaming (so it seems) Bruno Mars at me, trying to tell me it is time to get up.  I hit the snooze and look to see it is only 5 am.  My body cusses at my mind asking myself, why..why did I even think it would be okay to wake so early for a photographic journey in the cold morning hours...on the weekend.

I hit the snooze again ten minutes later trying to figure out how I could maybe back out of this schedule.  After all...we were going to Lake Michigan for sunrise on the frozen waters.  Walking on uneven frozen waters has never been something I found very appealing.  Photographing frozen ice...not a big passion.  I have journeyed to Door County and done a bit of it but it was included with other stops of interest on the way...and we stood on land...not the frozen lake.

Well...maybe something interesting would come of the day.  We departed in the dark.  The sky was still overcast. No stars could be seen.  As we slowly made our way east a bit of light, colorful at that, started to greet us so hopes rose a little.

Colorful sunrises during the winter when there is a fresh blanket of snow and barren trees can always very breathtaking.  It is a favorite time of the day for me and many days it is a pure miracle I show up at work.

We were running a bit later than some of the others that actually were going to be there at 5 am.  We started thinking maybe we left too late and worried we would miss the sunrise.  We arrived shortly after 7 am.  The sky had some colorful pinks and yellows to it and clouds still off in the distant.  We crept out on to the frozen water to find the right perspective to hopefully catch something.  We shot ice formations and chatted and waited.

The sun just didn't seem as if it really wanted to rise and hid behind the clouds. Surprisingly, when least expected, it popped out above the lower clouds and blessed us with a colorful sunrise.  The sky was painted reds, yellows, oranges and pinks.  The ice sculptures seemed to come alive.  I still didn't seem to have a lot of passion for what I was trying to capture so I didn't have high expectations of what i had captured but was glad I was experiencing the sunrise, regardless of the temperatures.

I learned a bit.  In the end, my photos weren't winners to many I am sure but I was pleasantly pleased with what I did capture.  After seeing some of the photos captured by others that were there, I know what I need to look for next time.  My concept of my photographic excursions is that if I can learn one thing from them, it is all worth it.

It still has not necessarily increased my passion for it but it has given me enough interest to continue to try in hopes that it will some day.  After all, I'm all for new experiences to help me grow in my creativity.

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