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Monday, March 31, 2014

Another Adventure

I am taking a writing course in order to attempt to enjoy and share another of my passions…writing.  The course is Tribewriters by Jeff Goins.  I hope to publish something someday.  So here it goes for today’s assignment which is about finding our voice.

Three adjectives that would best describe me is nature-loving, simplistic and active in many ways.  I do my best to stay in shape and I love to go places, travel…see new the awesomeness of the world that the Dear Lord provides for us. I don’t do well in winter here when I can’t get out and do things without being cold but I love the four seasons…if only the winters were shorter and the summers longer.  I’m still trying to figure out exactly where this global warming thing is because it sure wasn’t in my neighborhood this winter.  Actually, I think all the effort to fix the global warming took it a bit too far and now we have global freezing.  Maybe I need to start using aerosol hairspray again.

My ideal readers…my tribe that would follow my writings and words would be ones that have the same passion for nature, for the beauty of the world in any season.  They will gain and feel my passion for the outdoors as simple or as complicated as it can be.  They will ask me questions that will make me research and find the answers to them so I can share and educate them with while I also will be learning.  My tribe will also teach me in return new things, new places, new fun or gory facts about whatever.  My tribe will follow me ..well…through the woods and over the hills to grandma’s house and back on every possible route we can find to take.

On the way we will discover new ways or just share ways to stay healthy, activities and recipes and maybe even some natural remedies that work as individuals or as a tribe.  They will also laugh at my simple little ‘funnies’  quirky as they may be and they will share laughing moments with me.

My favorite authors, well…from a fictional perspective Janet Evanovich in her number series because it has such a mix of adventure, love and hilariousness all mixed together and is such a feel good read. JK Knowlings of course  because I love the mystical world of magicians and gnomes.
Henry David Thoreau, John Muir, Ralph Waldo Emerson all inspire me from a nature writing perspective.  An author of sorts that many may not know from a photography venue is Scott kelby. He provides wonderful facts related to my other passion in a easy to read technical manner that is also actually funny in his own way…making it relaxing  and fun to learn.

My cultural influences I am not sure of really. Heinz 57 maybe..a mish mash of Polish, German and stubborn Dutchman as my Grandpa used to call my Grandma who was really French.  My creative influences and the one that influenced who I am more than anything was my Grandpa who loved the birds and photography and the out doors.  Oh how I miss him and can’t wait until the day we can pick wild mushrooms and asparagus on the side of heavens roads together again some day.

So..this  was pretty much free written without thinking much about it while also answerwing some of te questions on our assignment. 

As rough as it may be..I would love some input.

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