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Friday, March 14, 2014

Five Favorites Friday - In The Movies

I am so behind on watching movies. For several life reasons.  There are so many that have aired over the past five years or so that I wish I had seen but so many other things have kept me occupied.  I keep telling myself...I'll catch up on a rainy day. doesn't rain very often here in the cold midwest.

Duh...but it is winter and as plans changed for this winter also.  Right now if you try to discuss with me about movies and what was my favorite that has aired lately...I wouldn't have much of an answer...or at least I would have to really think and the five I come up with would probably be the only five I've seen.

Instead...I'll start with the actors and actresses that I really enjoy watching as they tell those stories of Hollywood.

I have my favorite actresses that I always try to catch the movies that they are in.  My top favorites that come to my mind right off..and not necessarily in this order are:

1. Julia Roberts....I fell in love with her at Pretty Woman. and again in Erin Brokovich and Mona Lisa Smile.  Her movies inspire me and always seem to have a deep moral story to them. She seems to represent this strong woman that I so often wish I could be.

2. Meryl Streep...also.  She seems to really dig in to the true life of the characters that she plays and she plays them so deeply.

Bridges over Madison County is where I first fell in love with her...or maybe that was Clint Eastwood...sigh....or maybe it was that movie that inspired me even more with my photography.

Julie and Julia....besides I totally see my daughter being Julie in that movie.  She is constantly in the kitchen baking from scratch trying to keep everything pure and healthy for my granddaughters.

'Out of Africa' is an old time favorite of mine that I must watch again sometime soon.

I haven't seen her most recent August's Osage County...definitely a must see in the next couple of weeks.

3. Meg Ryan...because she is fun and makes me laugh favorite being 'You've Got Mail'
I did see her in a more serious movie once which I wish I could remember the name of about here husband being abducted in some foreign country by militia men. Google is awesome...I believe it was 'Proof of Life.  Of course who couldn't love City of Angels.

4. Sandra Bullock - again another actress that is just awesome in some very inspirational and true life story movies.  The Blind Side is probably my most favorite of hers.  I haven't seen Gravity..Another that I should check out.  I just haven't had all that much interest in it for some reason so I will probably wait until I can see it on the little screen at home versus at the movie theatre...but maybe the special effects will be better on a big screen.

5. Jennifer Anniston....just because She's Jennifer Anniston.  She made her fame as Rachael in Friends and I'm not sure she has done much better than that but...well...She's Jennifer Anniston.  I did truly enjoy the more thriller of a movie she made  "Derailed'.  I realize there are a lot I haven't seen though.

So Many...not seen.

Who are your favorite must see actresses and how do they inspire you?

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