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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Miscellaneous Monday - on Tuesday

I have totally lost track of days for some reason lately.  I thought it was only Monday.  Good thing's actually Tuesday and it is over so...on to Wednesday....woo hoo!

We have true signs of spring this week.  It was in the 50s yesterday.  I went out to the park at lunch and although I had only tennis shoes to put on...I walked the snow laden trail for a good 45 minutes with no jacket on enjoying the spring antics of the birds, enjoying their happy songs and the blue blue sky with light whispy clouds.  Refreshed..if even for a day.  It was still 44 when I woke this morning and was supposed to rain and snow and get cold but...It has only rained some and no signs of that snow yet.  Hopefully it isn't waiting until the morning commute but it wouldn't surprise me.

The snow is almost gone on my driveway.  Hopefully another week.
The only thing about the snow melting is that it is brown and boring of sorts underneath.  I am bound and determined to find something happy and gorgeous from it though this coming weekend.
Daylight savings and now it is light til atleast 7.  The sunset was cool on my drive home from the gym last night and yet I couldn't find  place to pull over to get the picture I wanted.  I'll save the opportunity for this weekend.

On my travels home today I noticed that everything on the east side of the highway still had quite a bit of snow yet the west side was mostly all brown and wet fields.  Interestingly cool.

One of those fields had a lot of green grass in it.  It is totally amazing that it can still be green under there after such a brutal couple of months with below freezing...below zero temperatures.

I heard a disturbing news story today...

Some guy had a deer run out in front of him and he hit it.  He pulled over and got out of his car to pull the deer off of the highway and he himself also go hit.  Both died.  Both. Died.  uugghhh!!

Another big news story this week is about the mom that was a nurse that murdered her 14 month old and then attempted suicide...which failed...and now...well sadly suicide might have been the better option.

I got home today to find....the Shorewest For Sale sign up in my front yard.

I'd like to ask for help..prayer help from all with requests that my home sell in the next month or so...before gardening time that I can move on to the next chapter...Please.

 The Power of Prayer.            

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