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Friday, March 7, 2014


I completely forgot to post my March Calendar.

One of my favorite months because it brings the return of the 'Robin'

Red Robin, Red Robin.

It brings melting snow and bird bathes filled with bathers again.
Miniature hyacinths and tulips and daffodils.
I can already smell the lilac blossoms and there aren't even any buds yet.
Amazingly as the snow melts there still exists some green to the blades of grass.
The cardinals sing, the gold finches gather, the little red squirrels prepare for the spring of motherhood.
Hopes of hearing the King fishers rattling by as they dive for what fish they can find in unfrozen river waters.

40 degree temperatures and walks in the woods with my pup.

March. Wonderful amazing newness of March.

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