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Friday, March 7, 2014

Five Friday Favorites - Comfort Foods

Ahhh...comfort foods.

...foods that may be consumed to positively pique emotions or, to relieve negative psychological effects or to increase positive feelings...sometimes initiating feelings of nostalgia.

I believe that for the most part, my comfort foods are just that...foods that provide me positive feelings or those foods that I eat because I just don't want to think about anything too complicated on those exhaustion days or down days when I just want to sit and relax.

1. My number one most favorite go to food for comfort is just a simple large cup or bowl of hot applesauce with cinnamon and a side order of swiss cheese and triskets....sometimes this involves an entire half a box of triskets. is true.

2.  During the summer...a salad.  you have to know my salads to understand this.  I normally make a salad and have to transfer it to a larger bowl because of what I have put in it. Red leaf lettuce mixed with spinach and if I'm lucky and able to find it...arugula. Home grown tomatoes and peppers, avocado, fresh sliced mushrooms, shredded cheese, croutons with a dressing of either rasberry vinaigrette, but more recently slightly covered with rice vinegar.

3. Pizza...yes  Who doesn't consider pizza as a comfort food.  Mine has everything on it well except anchovies.  Even a good ham and pineapple pizza is great on a hot summer evening. A bit o nostalgia to this one. I believe this was one of my dad's favorite meals. I would make him the boxed Chef Boy R dee pizzas and he had to have it hot...covered with cayenne pepper.  Probably why I love hot things to this day.

4. Shrimp...boiled shrimp by the bucket full.  This one is more of a nostalgia thing for me...well other than the fact that a good gulf shrimp is absolutely to die for. Boiled in the shell, cooled, peel and dipped in cocktail sauce.  I had boyfriend once (yes I did) that would cook a large pot of shrimp for me with a side order of Uncle Ben' rice Pilaf with added pilaf.  It was delish.... devine and romantic in its own way. It also reminds me of my sister who also loved shrimp as much as I do.

5. Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese.   Really...need I say more.

Bonus...a bowl of oatmeal mixed with raisins or applesauce...good for breakfast, lunch or dinner..good for your heart too.  Try it also with the dried cranberries.

What food is your go to food when you are feeling down?

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