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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shadows of Spring

I walked at lunch today. It was overcast but....the birds were every where. Every. Where.
I climbed in my car to come home and the sun was bright. And warm. 41. Woo. Hoo.
I found myself...driving as fast as the law would allow wanting to get home and go for a walk with my Lex.
I realized...that as long as winter may depressed as I can get by being cooped up (particularly in a winter such as this.....cold....continuous days of 15 or below....which doesn't allow much room for a walking spirit)....well, I love the seasons.
The winters help you to appreciate spring and summer. Summer helps you to appreciate fall and the onset of winter. You don't take spring or summer for granted. You don't take winter for granted. No pulling weeds year round. No getting tired of wearing shorts....and gladly looking forward to wearing less clothing at the end of winter.
Always looking forward to the next season. Knowing that each has it's own wonders to offer up. You can look forward to each. You can be glad when each is over. Except maybe for spring and fall. But then again...maybe one would get tired of them also if they lasted 12 months at a time.
I don't know. Maybe I like the change because I grew up an airforce brat. Things changed on a regular basis throughout my life. I need the change. I need the...challenge. Of course, these are all wonderful, easy, pondering thoughts now that there is light at the end of 'this winter'.
I arrived at home, walked in to my room, and was greeted by the shadows thrown against the walls, reflected into the mirror....warming to the floors....heating the heart...refreshing and stimulating the mind.
Oh, happy spring. Dance with me.

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