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Friday, March 18, 2011


She'd probably not be very happy to know I am sharing this with my blogger world. I love my mother. I love who she was back then....before I knew her. Gorgeous. Free spirited. The apple of my dads eyes at that time. When you are growing up, you don't think of your parents as...someone that might have been young at one time....atleast not until you yourself grow up enough to know that...our parents are humans also...not just parents. They, too, were young once. Oh and yes....they have wants and needs also...wants and needs for themselves and that we aren't the only thing in their life.

Today, I still love her for who she is...despite those younger teen years of mine when we didn't see 'eye to eye'. I hope that all of us children of the world respect and realize how those 'disciplinary days' of our lives were meant to point us in the proper direction in life.

She is still an awesome person ....despite her set ways of which many days I say (smiling to myself) 'I hope I'm not like that when I get older'. Really...smiling to I know I already see her in me.

She still amazes me. I still question her reasoning behind having six children. I still praise her for having raised us all...many days alone with my dad on the road, roaming the world with the airforce. I know we put her through....daily challenges. I know there were probably many days when she just wanted away...and rightfully so. I love her...for having stuck by us. I love her for her very very strong unconditional love. Believe me...she has it....more than any other person I know.

Today...she still puts up with us. I take my Lexi for a walk many nights and atleast one night a week, we wander over to visit with her....for as long as Lexi will sit still and allow us to visit. Those evenings, she listens to I vent...about my six to six job...that I would leave in a sec if I could afford pursuit of my most needed creative passions of photography and the outdoors. I leave her house...with a little weight lifted off....often regretting and promising myself...that the next visit will be more 'pleasant'. are 'the wind beneath my wings'. I hope you realize how much I do love you.

I can only hope that someday, my children will love me as much...and hoping that they already do.

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