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Friday, March 23, 2012

One Big Layer of Red

I do love surprises...almost as much as I love giving them...especially if they are good surprises. Serendipity. My. Most. Favorite. Word.

I had my camera sitting on the kitchen counter and was messing with some settings, when I accidentally hit the shutter release. My finger was on the flag for delete option in LR when I had a second thought of using this for something else. Might make a cool 'texture'. And was Red day at Beyond Layers.

It is merely a close up shot of the bottom of a coffee can I have on my sink to use for my composting...with a hand towel sitting on the counter right in front of it.

Lesson of the day...the simplest things can make life just wonderful!! Another example of how a 'different perspective' can provide you a wonderful view.

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