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"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence. " .... Ansel Adams
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Style - Mine - 2BD19

My dear inspiration, Kim, has challenged us to show our style.  Photographic style.  Editing style.  Artisitic style.

I have to admit....I still wonder what I can call my style. I know where my passion is. Nature. Wildlife.  The outdoors.  God's given gift of the earth's bounty and beauty.  I know I've burned myself out a bit on just the shots of a single bird...a photo without a story.  I know...I keep my hand a bit in the portrait photography....but not enough to get some financial satisfaction out of it. (But neither has my non portrait style - a result, I say though, of the job that was supposed to pay the no changed...with high hopes of 'being fun' again.) Portrait photography...I can easily find an excuse for not doing it...on a regular basis.  Nature, wildlife...I am very patient with.

I love the candid shots...sort of like the one above.  I guess, when I think about it...street photography.  Not posed.  I love photographing those that are so comfortable in front of the camera that all I have to do is create with my lens.  The setup stage is all natural.  They do it themselves....especially when they aren't aware of it.  My passion for 'surprise' maybe.  More so passion for natural, simplicity, serendipity.

This shot above..stirs so many passions in me. Maybe because it was one of the few awesome images I captured during a week that was supposed to offer up so much more to me than what it did.  Maybe because of some of the awesome company (my mom and niece and her boyfriend) that joined me on the trip.  Maybe...just because....I'm proud of this shot.  It isn't just a single bird.  It tells a story...for me. It's a beach...and I can hear the waves in the background. The sandpipers just seemed to invite me over.

I like them in focus and her out of focus. It makes me want to walk on the beach again.

My style...not a true...all in focus landscape type person.  I love bokeh.  I love...blur.  I love dreamy.  I love mystical.

I did crop in on this.  I did add texture even though the picture worked for me even without the texture.

This picture...makes me wonder if I shouldn't make this a vacation location on a regular basis.

Does it stir anything up for you?  Does it make you wonder?  Smile? Dream? Does it tell a story to you?


  1. Strange, I know they are sandpipers but the picture reminds me of a farm girl trying to coral her geese. My most favorite vacations were in Canada on my grandparents farm even though I live in Florida close to the beach.

  2. Thank you for your comment...and your memories. Very nice memories. I apologize for the lateness in return. I just returned from my son's wedding in California and now...I can get back to blogging. It's been a busy year filled with love and weddings in the family!!!.