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Thursday, August 22, 2013

I'm Back....

Really...I do hope to be.  It's been a mish mash of one of those....'life is what happens when you make other plans'.  Between weddings, engagement parties, family reunions, and changing jobs...a little bit of relationship stuff and an unproductive attempt to sell my house....

Let's just say...I was lost.  I hope I've found my way back.  I hope I am encouraged and cheered hang out here again.

In case you missed the entire romantic, get engaged in front of the Eiffel Tower portion of the story...this is my son and his new wife, my daughter-in-law...getting married at a winery in Temecula  California.

It was, of course, beautiful, romantic, fun and just downright awesome.

I don't believe I have ever seen him this happy.  Oh, he has always been a happy child, but he has a bit of his dad's...analness in him sometimes. He is a hard worker and has become a bit of a geek.  All okay.

He is happy.  She completes him.  I truly wish them a very very long life together.  They are so awesome together.

So that was the main even of the year so far....and holy's more than half over.

So now...I'll go backwards a bit...or maybe I will just roam all over the place in some randomly fun type of order...and entertain you with other activities of this year on that island called 'lost' life.

I hope I haven't lost the few of you that were following me.

I hope I figure out how to gain a few more with lots of share.

I'm here to stay!!!

So...has your year been as crazy and lost as mine.  I need to catch up on all of your news also.

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