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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2B - Beyond Portraits

In an attempt to try to catch up on my Beyond of the recent ones had to do with editing portraits utilizing LR.  In my search to find a portrait recently taken that I could work on, I found one of my son and his, at that point in time, fiancé (now wife).  Well...I have to admit, I don't think I quite did what the lesson wanted me to do...but I had fun 'editing outside the box' per se.

I love TEXTURES.  Love love love!!!

And actually I had messed with this one

just the night before which I did something different with and that is where I kind of got the idea for the one above.

Just remember to play around with the blending modes and utilzing the brush to erase areas of texture to highlight some of the more interesting areas to make them pop.

LR and PSE...what a wonderful world it is!!

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  1. OMG these are both sooooo awesome. I really love the first one. Mostly because I like how the edges seem to disappear. I'm behind in BB too,