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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Floral Dreams - 2B Day 18

Our challenge this week is with adding and adjusting presets and textures to photos.    I started with this picture, which I love in its original format and had already added it to my contest/card file to include in my upcoming photography contest as well as turning into a gift card.

In it's original fomat

Are. They. Not. Sweet?

So I played.  I added a preset in its original format of KK tea and honey and then I took it into PSE and added another layer of it and played with the blend modes.  Then i added a layer of KK May 2bsafe in a soft light blend mode.  I added another layer of the original photo in a color dodge blend and layered that again with another layer of 2Bsafe in screen mode at 17%.  I merged all of those layers down and then duplicated it and put it in a multiply blend mode at 100%.  I then took it back to LR and increased contrast a bit and then reduced clarity to give it a soft dreamy look.

My dear, Kim.  These are for you.  To dream upon through these tough times.  In hopes..they will bring a smile to your life.

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