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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

2B - Day 32 - Autumn Tree Life

I love autumn.  It is, hands down, my most favorite season.  From the more moderate temperatures, to the crisp air, the awesome palette of colors that Mother Nature blesses us with, the sound of the wind rustling the leaves, watching them do aerobatics in the air, piling them in piles and jumping in them, (despite the work of keeping them cleaned up - always a good reason to have a boy toy around), to the smell of fall in the woods and the sound of the forest under foot.

One of the most fascinating things about fall that always captures my photographic eye is the nakedness of the trees...showing their every curve, every blemish, openly, gracefully, beautifully...down right awesome, peaceful, serenity.

So of course, this would be my choice of photo to edit for my 2B challenge today.

Once again a classical Kim inspiration.

Below....the before in its true original, crooked state...until I figure out the mouse over steps again.

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