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Friday, November 15, 2013

DOTS - A Friday Find

I don't know that I particularly found this on a Friday but I know it saved me on a Friday and I'd like to share it for my Friday find.  If you are an artist or a photographer that likes to share your creations in a 'matted' perspective, you know how expensive it can be to have a third party do that work for you or the expense of selling precut matts at the local craft shops.  I sure do...with the amount I put into matting pictures up for a local craft fair or a recent competition.

So I do shop around on line for some less expensive matts...but not so inexpensive that they would be an embarrassing addition to my creations.  I found some reasonably priced at this bags unlimited website where you can buy the front mat and a backing matt.

Often times I use double sided tape to do the matting to hold everything together.  Not necessarily the fastest way to do it and not necessarily inexpensive.  If just for a competition and I want to reuse the mat, I will just use some of the painters tape - which for the most part can removed easily to allow reuse of mats for the next competition or display.

Well...i found these adhesive dots.  They roll on like the correction tape does and it is so much faster than applying the double sided tape.  I matted up 50 photos combination of 8 x 10 and 11 x 14 using just two of these.  You can buy one and then buy refills which is great.  Be sure to buy the permanent one though and not the removable - at least if you are matting for final presentation - for sale.  I wouldn't use this for competition purposes unless I know I want to frame them and sell them afterwards.

For competitions where I want to reuse the matts, I would still use the painter tape.

Share an idea you have to make our creations less costly and still professional and salable/presentable.

I hope this is useful to you.

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